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Maryann Roefaro is my mother.  A couple of years ago, I was not an avid runner, but when I heard my mom speaking the chi-running language, I'll admit, I was intrigued. Most of the time, I only jogged because I didn't want to mess anything up so to speak. I was apprehensive since I didn't really know much about running in general. When we started to run together, she kinda drove me nuts!  It would stress me out having her constantly respond to my running technique and remind me of the form focuses. 

After awhile, though, I began to see how Chi Running was improving my running form, speed and enthusiasm.  Now she is often the voice in my head when I run, “Check in with your abs – lift your crown to the sky – don’t bend at the waist – find that sweet spot when you lean – feel the tripod at the bottom of your feet – can you feel the pelvic rotation – keep that upper body going straight ahead - lift those ankles .. lift .. lift .. lift!” I’ve grown to love Chi Running and now I love when my mom and I run together. Yes – she’s often the voice in my head, but then again, she is my mom and I love her!