Chi Walking

In addition to Chi Running, Danny and his wife Katherine Dreyer also developed Chi Walking.  The principles of Chi Walking are used in teaching Chi Running.  When Chi Walking, hours of pain free, energy efficient walking becomes possible for anyone!

Some of the fundamental differences between Chi Walking and Conventional Walking are as follows:

  • With conventional walking, the outstretched leg is straight and the heel is the first to hit the ground – heel striking!  With Chi Walking, the leading leg has a soft bent knee and the foot lands in a full-foot strike, using the strongest part of the foot to withstand any impact.
  • With conventional walking, the body usually leans back, and an individual leads with the hips in front of the body.  With Chi Walking, the heart leads the way, in more ways than one! The body is in a slight lean from the ankles.
  • With conventional walking, strides are long and with Chi Walking, strides are short.  To feel Chi Walking form, stand up right now and walk backwards!
  • Chi Walking encourages a pelvic rotation – this allows the bones, ligaments and tendons to hold the body and propel, as opposed to muscles.
  • There are other nuances to Chi Walking – check out or email to ask about a class or individual coaching.


I was resuming running after hip surgery and decided to try chi running to reduce injury and increase my time.  I took Maryann's class 4 months before my first half marathon post surgery.  Not only did we have fun, but I learned a running technique that has changed my whole future of running.  I ran my half marathon injury free and cut 23 minutes off my best time!  Thanks Maryann and thanks Chi running!

Cherie Sgarlata